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Filtering through the endless rage, The Smokes are an American Rock band formed in Spokane, WA in 2014.  Matt Slater (drums and vocals) and Himes Alexander (guitar and vocals) combine garage rock, punk and soul in just the right ratio.  Lo-fi forward, pithy riffs create a heavy, punk influenced back beat that lay a foundation for the smokes’ thought provoking song structures and subjects. They play with a reckless abandon providing acerbic social commentary that is evocative of a time when rock was fun, unhinged, and honest.  Their upbeat and whimsical personalities exist in stark juxtaposition to the personal and honest subject matter of their lyrics. 


Their latest album, G.O.V.T. Graffiti was recorded with legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino.  The album was intended to be a lighter perspective on life, but then a pandemic happened, and a nation wide uprising for civil rights was born out of Minneapolis.  As the album was delayed, the songs began to change and evolve into not a lighter perspective, but a more raw, honest, vulnerable snapshot of where we are with hopeful eyes looking to the future. 


The album examines the peaks and valleys in the landscape of growth, and puts focus and effort in striving for peace, joy and rock and roll.  G.O.V.T. Graffiti releases in January 2022 at the Big Dipper in Spokane WA.

30,000 streams On Bandcamp

Over 20,000 Views on Youtube

Downloaded in 70 Countries

"A cold bucket of water to the face, there’s no ignoring the social and political influences behind their lyrics, particularly in the most recent music, band members Matt and Himes use political injustices and the spirit of the punk rock genre to fuel the fire which burns through their tracks." -- What's Up Magazine

Photography by
Adam Iverson
& Adam Darling Photography

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Toured 27 States

"The first time I heard The Smokes... I walked in on a couple of guys decked out in colorful tuxedos, doing a garage-rock version of, if memory serves, some James Brown tune.

I was hooked." -- The Inlander

"Not exactly a rock band, not purely experimental either, the word indie doesn't even do them justice.  But Himes Alexander and Matt Slater are creating something special in Spokane that deserves attention." -- Spokane/Coeur D'alene Living Magazine

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